3D scanning to help you with virtually anything

Scanning is one of those progresses in technology which facilitates in copying several elements. However scanning larger objects like the Gulfstream II is not that easy. Photogrammetry along with the long range scanners are deployed for bigger scanning. Although these are pretty good, they lack accuracy. 3D scanning is one of the alternatives which we have to get more accurate output. EMS has provided the technology for scanning gthe exteriors of large objects like the Gulgstream II where it required quick processing as there was no availability of a 3D CAD data. 

After signing the contract with EMS the progress was made which turned out to be very handy indeed. Two of the engineers at EMS were sent out to Arizona where the Gulfstream II is located. The engineers used 3D scanner for scanning from the Surphaser. This scanner in use was powered for delivering detailed as well as accurate resolutions which did the job quite efficiently. The entire scanning process for the 80 feet took a day which was done from 260×270 degrees which was about 60 feet.

If the complexity of the size of scanning left behind it can be said the entire process for 3D scanning is very simple. To carry out the task the device got placed on the floor as well as on scaffolding for scanning upper and the lower part of the aircraft. Simultaneous scanning was done which was later aligned properly using 3D CAD model.

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