Have More Accurate Scans With Ems Steinbichler 3d Scanner

Picture Credit : ems-usa.com
Picture Credit : ems-usa.com

Steinbichler introduces in the market the upgarded and davanced EMS Steinbichler Comet L3D 3D Scanner. This improved device scans objects that are complex in structure, covering even the minute details. The improved LED lighting technology has opened up new dimension of more efficient 3D scanning. This equipment is portable and does the scanning with more precision. Technology of the Blue LED provides a great speed while recording. The construction is robust and the optical components are dust proof which  enables the use of this equipment in industrial conditions.

Because the scanning equipment is extremely light weight besides being portable because of the small dimensions, it enables the use of such accessories as camera tripod for the purpose of positioning the sensor. It is far more advantageous to use this new 3D scanning service extended by EMS when objects to be scanned involve intricate detailing rather than using the more conventional scanners.

One megapixel, two megapixel, and five megapixels models are offered by 3D scanning device. The working distance is low and this makes it sure that work is carried out free of problems even when the space is confined. The concept of the software is intelligent that offers a combination with the photogrammetric measuring methods in order that large objects are digitalized. Alongside inspection and quality control, most importantly those of the parts made of plastic or metal, there are more areas of its application that include the comparison of target or actual data for CAD data recording.

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