Scanning with Comet I3D 5M Entry-level Scanner

3d Scanning Serivce
Picture credit: EMS-USA

3D scanning is actually a lot harder technically than 3D printing, 3D printing technology is expensive but the levels of accuracy are high. With 3D scanning getting high accuracy is difficult and requires expensive equipment. The Comet Sensor Systems L3D 5M though is the first entry-level system to come out that offers a high degree of accuracy at a price that can actually be afforded by many small and medium sized business rather than purely by specialists. Previously those using 3D scanners in small businesses, such as those with design requirements, those scanning designs for reproduction through 3D printing or architecture firms, would probably have had to make do with a handheld scanner. A handheld scanner is only as accurate as the hand that holds it, for some uses this is fine for others millimeters count; with a handheld scanner you of course have the shake of the hand and the difficulty of lining up a scan.

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