Detroit Treads Shoes created with 3D Scanning

3D scanning continues to capture new heights in the field of development. The latest admirer of the dynamic technology is Detroit Treads, which has used it to produce standard shoes. The news became public about a week ago when the shoes were held on exhibition at Work, the exhibition area of a university in Michigan that shows off innovative development.

The development of these shoes started in 2011. It was an integral development class. The designer of those shoes was Neil Zemba. Involvement of 3D technology is the most interesting aspect of his design.

First of all, the feet of a volunteer was scanned by Kinect and it copy was obtained. Secondly, HandyScan was used for the same purpose. Perhaps, it was done to bring greater precision in the work as HandyScan is meant to carryout professional tasks like the manufacturing of these shoes. Apart from scanners, pressures graphs were also used to provide real feel of shoes to the project. The graphs were of the standard of Nike, Jordan, etc. Two moulds, one each for insole and outsole, were created in the 3D laboratory by rapid prototyping equipment.

The two moulds formed the outer sole and the inner bed and the seatbelt straps were utilised to make the sandal strap. Overall, the end-product looked quite like normal footwear. However, as real rubber of tyres was used for these shoes, they cannot be compared to any ordinary piece. The involvement of 3D scanning makes the product even more appreciable.


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