Innovative Portable 3D Scanning Device used by M7 Aerospace

M7 Aerospace recently made a huge development which is definite to gain the attention of technology lovers from all over the world. Scanning technology that is handheld was utilized by them which seem to have created a big revolution when it comes to data collection from large objects.

Their main purpose was to repair a 30 year old airship by using 3D scanning. However, the job was not at all easy as the technology used for manufacturing the airship was outdated and original plans were not easily available.

But, 3D scanning does not mean that every task can easily be completed. When it comes to capturing details, there are certain limitations posed by this technology. Scanning an airship definitely falls within the limitations. But the handheld device utilized by M7 Aerospace took care of all the limitations and offered accurate results. Little details about the airship were captured easily without requiring complicated setups.

The software featured by the scanner was the main reason behind the perfect accuracy obtained. The added benefit was the portability of the scanner which could be easily carried from one place to another. Scanning large surfaces which were previously a big problem faced by the scanning technology was made extremely easy by such an efficient device.

After completing the scan, usual procedures were performed like importing data to CAD software. The data collected was then utilized by M7 Aerospace to come up with exact modifications and ensure the repairing process happened smoothly without facing any problems.


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