3D Scanning’s Recent Innovative Offering can Surprise Anyone

Picture Credit : scoop.it
Picture Credit : scoop.it

Recently a new technology got revealed by Heriiot Watt University’s scientists, when they scanned objects from half-a-mile distance using 3D scanning.

It calculates the laser photons’ time in bouncing back after getting hit from an object to develop a pixel map. It helps to use the model in any various ways one wishes for.

The best feature of this technology is that even though from such great distance, the scanner can project the object’s depth minutely in millimeters   With this, one can safely say that one has utilized 3D scanning to some great extent, opening up some new territories to look out in future.

The university’s researchers are still not happy with the current distance and are busy in trying out new avenues in maximizing the scanner’s potential. They are planning to touch a distance of 6 miles from the present 0.62 miles.

Many might start questioning, even after getting themselves familiar with the scanner’s capabilities, the benefits of the scanner. It is pretty much early to draw-up some conclusions regarding its full potential and the advantages it can come up with in near future but presently, the technology can be put into devices that might want to know its surrounding in details.

This recent offering has the capability to end the debate surrounding it in regards to its real life use because it holds tremendous potential that might surprise any pundits out there.

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