Lynx A is a Prototype of 3D Scanner

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A new prototype of 3D scanner was announced lately. This equipment is still under development phase waiting for fund to initiate production. The equipment is so sophisticated that initial cost has been estimated to be $50,000.  However, the functionality of this equipment supersedes its costliness by all means. If all goes as it should and this 3D scanning equipment get launched for the consumer market then regular people shall become somewhat independent of productions firms.

Its complete benefit can obtained when it used alongside 3D printers. Since it is 3D scanning equipment, it has a camera to gather information. The equipment is given the name of Lynx A and has 480*640-resolution. Since the equipment is mobile, it can easily be moved around by hand to let it gather information of from each angle. Thus, the dimensions of room or appearance of a body gets adequately stored in its memory, which is required by 3D printers for creation of object.

Lynx A is also capable of gathering information about moving bodies. Motion sensors that are incorporated to it memories motion even without targets, markers, etc. Such information is useful for the production of animation, etc. These are the 3 characteristic features of Lynx A. Besides, affordability is important for such equipment, which is why it is especially designed. It would be available in relatively less cost than other equipment of such efficiency are available at. Once it is available, regular users can utilize it to create certain objects at home.

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