3D Scanning of Historic Ethiopian Coptic Churches

3D Scanning of Ethiopian Coptic ChurchThe Planet Monuments Fund (WMF) has carried out an extensive 3D scanning project from the historic Lalibela rock-hewn Coptic places of worship in Ethiopia.

The 3D scanning project, that was completed through the WMF dealing with 3D scanning experts in the College of Cape Town, is targeted at attempting to better comprehend the layout from the ancient Christian monuments and also to look our for just about any potential issues that could arise within their upkeep.

The 11 places of worship were created from the volcanic rock around 800 years back within the Amhara Region from the east African country, around 600 kms north of Addis Ababa. Made throughout the reign of King Lalibela (1167-1207), from the Zagwe empire, they’re still employed for daily worship and special events, and find out large amounts of pilgrims visit them throughout Christmas and Easter time.    

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