Go MODEL Device from 3D Systems

Picture Credit : businessinsider.com
Picture Credit : businessinsider.com

The technology of 3D printing faces some limitations if the process is looked at from the perspective of home user and mass audience. This is mainly because of the fact that this type of technology requires technical skills as well as design skills for the operation of the devices. But things are getting better with different companies like 3D Systems paying attention to these concerns. Go MODEL from this company released recently focuses mainly on reverse engineering. This was a development process where Creaform was also involved, the makers of Go SCAN, a 3D scanner.

Features like Mesh editing, NURBS surfacing and many more are integrated within this tool so that 3D scanning process can be made easier. Operation wise, this tool offers the best convenience and support to users. But, whether this tool will be available at a reasonable price is still not confirmed. Some useful features of this tool are as follows:

  • Automated – With the assistance of some clicks, the whole processing step can be completed by making use of the wizard available with this tool.
  • Mesh Optimization – A lot of things can be done with 3D scanning like enhancing shapes, filling up holes and making the surface smooth.
  • Powerful – Irrespective of the object being scanned, this tool ahs everything for providing the required format and properties.
  • Intelligent – Accuracy can be maintained every time even if the file structures are reduced by using intelligent features of this top notch equipment.

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