Custom choppers built through 3D Scanning

The construction of customised choppers is a process that requires involvement. Depending on which stage a bike is at an instance, it may take quite some time to design features for the bike by hand. Classic Pro-Smooth is the latest frame built by War Eagle. Its creation took considerably long time. On its completion, a seat was required to be constructed so that it fits into the new frame. Numerous mounting holes as well as the tank, for engine that is to be installed later, had to be created too. The team of manufacturers utilised 3D Scanning to document all these processes.

However, the company did not have the required equipment for the scanning and it had to hire EMS. EMS used the Z Scanner Z 800 in the shop of War Eagle to scan the frame and document its development. Thus, easy and quick capture of information was possible through 3D scanning. The portability of he scanner allows scanning of areas that are hard to be reached.

Most people only know about 3D printing and not about 3D scanning. 3D scan is quintessential to capture data of 3-dimensional objects. The high-resolution model created by EMS was used by War Eagle for creation of seats for the manufactured frame. The fitting of all the parts of the chopper was so well-finished that it appeared as it was created altogether. After the completion of scanning, the RapidForm software of EMS was used to convert data into a model. It was much better a model than a regular polygonal scan.

Among the products of 3D technology, 3D printing is generally found to be known to people. However, 3D scan is as significant as printing is. Since printing and scanning work in co-ordination with each other, lack of familiarity of people with 3D scan may become a hindrance towards rapid improvement of 3D technology and its acceptability among people. Both 3D printing and 3D scanning would be essential for documentation process in future. Instead of dependence upon traditional subtractive methods of production, the 3D technology makes development and creation of products easy and quick. War Eagle expressed satisfaction towards the result of 3D scanning as it made the finish of the chopper easier. Had EMS not been hired by them, the entire procedure would have had to be done by hand for which there was not sufficient time left.  They got the result in half of the time required otherwise. Such rapidity is definitely advantageous and only time can reveal to what extent 3D technology can advancement.

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