HP Fights Coronavirus Using 3D Printing

HP Fights Coronavirus Using 3D Printing

HP Inc. together with the global community in the field of digital production is attracting specialists in the field of 3D printing, combining their technologies, expertise and manufacturing capabilities to create critical products in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

More than a thousand different parts printed on 3D printers have already been delivered to medical facilities. HP’s core research and development centers in Barcelona, ​​Corvallis, San Diego, and Vancouver have joined forces with partners around the world to streamline and accelerate the production of essential goods.

The products have been tested and finalized for industrial production, including protective masks, mask retainers, face shields, nasal cavity sampling cups, non-contact door opening mechanisms and components for respirators. HP is coordinating with government, medical, and industry departments in several countries to work more efficiently and smoothly.

“HP and our digital manufacturing partners are constantly fighting this unprecedented virus. Companies from different countries and industries work in collaboration to determine the most popular products, test developed additive solutions and begin mass 3D printing of everything necessary. I am deeply grateful to our employees, partners, customers, and all members of the public who help the forefront doctors every day,” said Enrique Lores, President, and CEO of HP Inc.

The role of 3D printing in the fight against coronavirus

HP’s global additive manufacturing partners network is working to make 3D-printed products available anywhere in the world. Among the first developments tested and put into production:

  • Mechanisms for contactless door opening. In residential buildings, hospitals, enterprises and nursing homes, most germs accumulate on door handles. The developed mechanisms allow you to conveniently and hygienically open the doors with your elbows without touching the surfaces.
  • Clamps for protective masks. Often, hospital staff have to wear masks for a long time. Special clasps help prevent chafing in the ear area and generally increase comfort
  • Protective face shields. One of the most popular personal protective equipment requiring convenient and reliable fastening devices

Many other products are still in the stages of testing and validation, but it is expected that soon they will go into production. Among them:

  • Handheld breathing apparatus. Using 3D printing, the components of ADRs are used for short-term emergency ventilation of the lungs of patients suffering from coronavirus. Simplified design ensures machine reliability and speeds up production and assembly
  • Masks protection class FFP3. Health workers need effective protective equipment to treat a growing number of cases. HP is testing a range of medical protective masks that will be available shortly

HP‘s vast network of partners in the field of 3D printing, digital and traditional production is doing everything possible to quickly fulfill incoming orders and support global healthcare.

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