3d Scanning Rendered by EMS for TTS

Picture Credit : ems-usa.com
Picture Credit : ems-usa.com

Recently, TTS required to introduce some modifications to units of turbo chargers manufactured by it. However, it is a known fact that such modifications are close to impossibility without the help of CAD. On the other hand, CAD is very tough to be obtained in situations where there is no original specification. Therefore, the best agency in the whole country for 3D scanning, EMS, got the assignment from TTS.

EMS is specialist of 3D scanning as well as 3D printing. When the assignment was accepted from TTS, professionals at EMS knew what exactly they have to do. Some of the best equipment and software that EMS boasts of were employed to  produce desired result within the stipulated time.

TTS had issues with the engine of the turbo charger manufactured by it. However, it did not want to affect efficiency of it. Such modification requirements are impossible to complete if CAD data is not available.

TTS was, however, saved by EMS from any such uncertainty. 3D scanning machines of EMS scanned all the parts that were specified by TTS to be scanned. The data that were generated as results of scanning was transformed into CAD model and delivered to TTS. Ironically, no manual work was done at EMS. Still, the results were properly in accordance with TTS’s requirements. The data were processed and ready to be used whenever required. Thus, EMS helped TTS gain by saving the overall turnaround time.

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