EMS Assists Army with Building Blackhawk Helicopter Trainer

Maintenance personnel, pilots and soldiers are benefited in many ways by military trainers. Flying expensive aircraft can be learned by pilots without getting off the ground. Correctly and quickly repairing aircraft can be learned in a controlled and supervised environment.

A military trainer’s supplier faced some problems regarding the replication of the highly advanced Blackhawk helicopters sustenance passageway area. The mechanical workings found inside the helicopter and access doors required exact replication. Therefore, EMS was called up to offer their expert assistance. The specialized 3D scanning techniques used by EMS helped to develop CAD model of the required structure without any type of inconvenience. The process of converting raw scanned data to CAD was performed by at EMS’s office by using software specialized for 3D scanning known as RapidForm. The tools that the application offers allowed engineers to analyze edit and create solid geometry model and 3D surface from the data that was scanned.

The military trainer’s supplier was able to build replicated trainer with the assistance of data provided by EMS. Documenting and measuring through manual procedures was easily avoided which would have meant unnecessary wastage of time and inaccurate model creation.

The application of 3D scanning is far spread and the greatest advantage is that it allows the completion of tasks easily without consuming lots of time. The benefits of this technology are quickly getting recognized by different organizations which have led to a further increase in popularity. Various organizations and businesses are using this technology to expand their scopes and opportunities.

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