Use of 3D scanning

The invention of new technologies and advancement in the older ones has eased the task of man. The technologies that have three dimensional effects find usage in a large number of industries. For instance we look at the popularity and uses of 3D printing. Likewise, 3D scanning is the technology making its mark in all fields. Whether it’s in movies or in medical field, 3D scanning finds widespread use. The technology offers a good number of benefits and makes the task easier and cheaper.

With 3D scanning you can capture the complete object in three dimensions. There are a good number of uses that this technology has. Take for intance an object for which CAD model is not there. If you want to create a CAD model for the object, all you need to do is capturing the object and feeding this data to computer. Following this you can have CAD model for the object. With CAD model in hand you can now create new versions and models for the object. Not just this, it is advantageous even for the manufacturers that can design the accessories for products.

3D scanning is not without use in medical field too. Here, 3D scanning is applied in such methods as grafting, implantation, replacements and also in the preparation of surgery. A discussion on the uses of 3D scanning remain incomplete without mentioning its use in movies where special effects are achieved with this technology.

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