How 3D Scanning Proved a Boon for Veterans?

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Veterans from Orlando, Florida wanted to build some statue of bronze at a nearby park and therefore needed fund. As a result they developed a fake statue by using mannequins as well as clothing and carried to several places for gathering money. After raising the money, the only concern was to build some mockup statue so that the original could be developed. A three feet model size was recommended which required 3D scanning service for the completion.

Veterans contacted EMS for the task. A CAD model for the statue was developed by EMS. Surphaser high resolution 3D scanner was put to application for obtaining large surface area. Creaform Metrascan, one more 3D scanner which was effective in capturing in several details like area between arm and guns, soldiers accessories and quite a few other things. High resolution capturing was carried out so that everything could be adjusted easily in Computer Aidede Design model.

After completion of 3D scanning service, veterans reviewed it and were all praise for the work done by EMS. But some changes were requested like leg position and gun position of few soldiers. SenseAble Technologies employed by EMS to bring about the required changes.

Even though, the whole task seemed complicated and time consuming but it was easily carried out by EMS. Application of some other technique would have consumed vast amount of time but professionals from EMS are thoroughly aware of getting the job done within the required time limit. This is the reason why individuals and businesses always want to hire the services of EMS.


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