Use the Technology of 3d Scanning to Have Accurate Models of Large Objects

If you are desirous of being updated with the most recent technology, nothing would please you more than 3D scanner that enables hybrid positioning with white light. The scanner is enabled to scan very large objects in a relatively shorter time and the most amazing fact is that you need not do the processing after that. GO! SCAN 3D is the name of the device. This device is enabled to scan objects about ten times more quickly than the traditional devices for 3D scanning. The dimensions it can capture are 15″ x 15″ which, therefore, implies that the device will scan a gas tank atop a car taking less than 2 minutes. This time is inclusive of all the time needed for creating the 3D mesh.

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There is yet another feature that makes this device alluring and that it is the fact that this scanner comes without the tripod stands and other supporting objects so that no time is wasted in the initial set up before you get into the process of 3D scanning. You would be amazed to know that the device takes less than 2 minutes to get started and the time, again, is inclusive of calibration optimization. It can also be connected to your PC using a USB device.

This new scanner comes with two cameras and LED protector. The technique follows such strategy so that data can be captured in a short time. VXelements from Creaform is that software which powers the technology of 3D scanning. This feature assists in processing the information as well as in the developing of the 3D surface just at the spot so that there is no need of manual aligning of things.

The feature of intelligent hybrid positioning allows the scanner to gather information from more than one source so that the model created is accurate. The device makes use of geometry for positioning the information that it must capture. White light is to be projected on the objects to be scanned. The light will change accordingly as the dimensions of that object. The capturing of the information takes place depending on how light bends.

When the object that you need to scan is extremely smooth, the task can still be accomplished as you use the feature of positioning targets for aligning the information to be captured. This scanner can do what was so long remained to be done by 3D scanners and this works by combining geometry as well as text based information so as to render the model more accurate as well as faster.


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